The faultless quality of a translation is due to a mixture of linguistic skills, specialist competence and careful research. Quality always needs to be of utmost importance, especially with respect to business customers, who use translations in the area of marketing and to attract new customers. This, of course, comes at a price!

In contrast to most of the large translation companies, I calculate my costs per line or words based upon the source text. This can help you make a cost estimation before placing an order. My way of calculation is advantageous for you, because experience shows that a translation into German, especially from English, is often a third longer than in the original language.

A normal line has 55 characters including spaces. When the line length within a text varies, the price can be easily calculated through the number of characters. The following price list is valid for private customers and companies. The prices set by the Justizvergütungs- und Entschädigungsgesetz (German Judicial Remuneration and Compensation Act) are valid for public authorities and public institutions.      




English     >  German  

Italian      > German   


minimum rate 1,00 €* 

per standard line

(= 55 characters including spaces)    


          English     >  German  

Italian      >  German           


minimum rate 1,20 €* per standard line

(= 55 characters including spaces)                               




minimum rate 50,00 €*/ per hour


The price is calculated per line with 55 characters including spaces, based upon the source language and depends upon the difficulty, formatting complexity and delivery date.


If required, the calculation can be based upon the number of words. For general texts, the price starts at 0,10 €* per word and for professional texts 0,12 €*.