• born in 1976


 1 son
 mother tongue: German

 working languages: English and Italian





• Translation Studies at the University of Saarland, specializing in professional texts in the area of Law.  Qualification: Degree in 2010



Vocational training to become a businesswoman in real estate and accommodation economics (chamber of commerce)



 legal (school reports, diploma certificates, contracts, court decisions)
 • business in general (business letters, brochures)
 • marketing (press releases, brochures, websites, catalogues)
 • real estate management (property purchase agreements, rental agreements)


As a customer, you have the right to a high quality service. This is why I only work on the “mother tongue” principle, which means that I only translate the texts from English and Italian into German, and never the other way around. This way, I can guarantee (with a clear conscience) that you receive a perfect text, stylishly written. I can explain this very simply: A mother tongue speaker has had a lot of time to build up a wide knowledge of vocabulary and knows when and how to use set phrases and idioms. Due to the fact that a mother tongue speaker has lived in the country of their language, they know exactly how the language should sound. This extensive knowledge of a language and a culture cannot be developed just through the learning of a foreign language. There is the danger that the translation of a text contains coarse mistakes or false collocations when translated by a non mother-tongue speaker. This, of course, reduces the quality of the translation and shouldn´t be practised by a respectable translator.

I don´t expect a successful translation to sound as if it has been translated. It should flow as perfectly as an original text and should be written in such a way that the required target group finds it easily readable and understandable. This is particularly difficult with texts where the author has a personal style or where a particular reading effect is required; where elements of the language have to be used correctly in order to reproduce the same effect in the final text as in the original.

With respect to legal translations, precise terminology, continuity and professional know-how are needed. It is really necessary to take particular formalities and terminology conventions into consideration when dealing with standardized texts such as certificates, contracts and court judgments.

Reliability and clear agreements are very important to me with respect to my work with my customers. I am happy to guarantee you :



 • A perfect, careful and high quality translation of your text
 • Adherence to schedules and delivery dates
 • Completely confidential treatment of all received documents and information
 • A profitable and transparent pricing arrangement for both parties

Application software:


MS Office 2010® (Word, Excel, Power Point)


• Adobe Acrobat

Operating system: Windows 8